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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2007|05:09 pm]
[mood |pissed offcrampy]

I was walking in to work this morning when I saw a bird stuck in a pick-up truck's front bumper. It made me sad.

Also - They have removed the Hive and made it a really nice Starbuck's. I like the new place, but I miss the old hive and common ground.

More bad news - Hill Court Lot is now about 20 rows less parking than it was. They have extended "North Zone 2" of Intercampus drive. This means that parking is going to be worse for students and the scum level staff like me. ::sigh:: why did they do this when Hill Court was always Jammed, and North Zone 2 was usually empty? They did the same thing with the first 1/3 of Park Lot. :( UR Parking Sucks

Freshman are here. There was a stupid bunch of them who got lost in Meliora and couldn't find their way outside. They were wandering around the office. The freshman look a little young, and they still have the ID cards around their necks, but mainly they are just Loud. I think that many of them knew each other through FaceBook WAY before orientation, so there is less of the awkward meeting stage. I don't like the students being back, it makes everything more crowded. And they took down the posters I put up at the post office again.

Today has been a long day. I'm happy even if it doesn't come across in this post. :)
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2AM and she calls me because I'm still awake... [Aug. 28th, 2007|08:17 am]
[mood |okayokay]

Yesterday there was a full lunar eclipse in Rochester, and I didn't know about it until this morning. :-(
I was up late and would have liked to have seen it and taken pictures. It was a full moon and a cloudless, cool night.

Oh Well.

Today is Freshman Move-In Day! This means chaos for the rest of us here. They closed Intercampus Drive (the really long parking lot where all the faculty park) and funneled them to my boonies lot. A lot of people took the day off. I got a ride from Ryan, but he had to be at work by 8:30 so I am here early. I don't mind. And I have a subject at 9:00 so I'm not that early anyways.

And the house smells so clean now!
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Updating [Aug. 21st, 2007|05:05 pm]
[Current Location |Meliora Hall]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |The AC noise.]

Hi All. Yea, it's been a while again.

Today another RA had a subject that was an old crush of mine from freshman year. I am over him (don't even really think he's cute now) but it felt a little weird. I am glad he isn't my subject.

Today is a rainy nasty day. And I went out postering, and got my hair all wet. Which normally is fine, but this time it made me all greasy. I feel gross.

I have to work until 7:00 tonight, that's fun.

Two subjects today came in and failed the stereo test. They also both barely understood English. Normally that's fine, but one was a PhD. Not just a PhD student, but a full out doctor! How can you get a 5-7 year degree in the US and not learn English to a proficient level? I am not racist or and kind of bad "-ist" but do you even get accepted into an English speaking program if you don't know English! He was a cancer doctor, and I wouldn't want him as my doctor if he couldn't understand me... Anyone have thoughts on this issue?
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APS in DC [May. 26th, 2007|07:35 pm]
[Current Location |Washington DC]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Cabana music on the pool deck]

I just finished up the last full day (for me) of the Association of Psychological Sciences Convention in Washington DC. So far it has been really fun. I want to write down the highlights before they left my mind. Sorry for the long post, you don't have to read it if you dont want to.

This was my first academic convention, so I didn't know what to expect. I love the free stuff: tote bags, shirts, books, mints, magnets, pens, and purple tape measures.

The first day I got here really early, my flight left at 6:45 and I got to the hotel at 8:30. I had a lot of time to get settled. My room is on the "cabana suite" floor which means I have a king size bed and a balcony that has a staircase to the pool floor - but it's still really quiet and nice. I saw some really cool speakers and had dinner with Dr. Kennison and it was great to catch up. The speakers covered everything from learning principles to changing personality. (which was the keynote address)

The next day I pretty much did my own thing, but I got to see some awesome guest speakers including Elizabeth Loftus (as in Loftus et al. who did the study on car crashes/smashes/and bumps influencing memory). I was hesitating about what to do for dinner when I heard a lot of commotion on the pool deck and saw an APS dinner party. I went down and met some really neat people. I met the APS Convention photographer from NYC, I met a woman named Suzanne (don't know last name) who is from England and was interested in eating disorders, and I met a man, Brink (don't know first name) who commutes from Mexico to Souther California to teach and who was interested in statistical analysis. I also saw lectures on risk analysis (which I find really fascinating), remembering the self, and cultural differences in neurological representations.

Today was the best day. I saw Susan Goldin-Meadow (famed in the gesture/sign language community) and she gave a really interesting talk on how gesture very strongly enhances your ability to learn and how it is a great predictor for children crossing over some of the Piagetian boundaries and learning things like conservation of number.

Then came the poster session. I think most people were scared of my work. Not surprising given the boring title Dr. Kennison came up with: "The role of animacy in noun compound in English" I had a fun one in Oklahoma: "Rating Noun Compounds: what lice eggs and teeth whitener have in common" I know that most people don't like or understand linguistics and (ok all) of the people who approached me asked one of two things. 1) Can you walk me through your poster (i.e. It's a lot of text and I don't that much to read it) or 2) what is Animacy/a noun compound/the take home message? (i.e. I don't understand what the Heck you are talking about, so explain. Both of these were followed by "Oh that's kind of interesting..." and moving on. I think this reaction is why I like the BCS/Vision and Action area more; it's something more people find relevant and interesting.

I also got to see a talk controlling emotion, childhood amnesia, and memory in the medial temporal lobes, as well as attending "Stumbling on Happiness" by Dan Gilbert of Harvard University which was awesome. That was the "Bring your family" lecture and the largest auditorium of the hotel was PACKED. His talk made me want go to his class lectures; he spoke like a motivational speaker and it was great. He tied in humor and economics, and really made you think about what happiness is and how we illogically look at ways to achieve it. Then I went to the 'meet and greet' session on the pool deck and saw Amy and Mia (seperately). It was really nice to catch up for a few minutes. I also met a woman (don't know name) who is interested in clinical psychology and teaches at UMASS. I am glad I met some people, I feel like I am starting to have "connections". ;)

It's been super hot here, and after seeing all the OSU people I almost feel like I am in Oklahoma again. :)

Tomorrow I plan on attending one morning talk on "why people make mountains out of molehills" and then having lunch and heading to the airport.

On top of all that I got a little tan while reading outside, and I got to both start and finish "A million little pieces" - which is a fanstastic book (true or not) and one that I would recommend everyone read.

So I was a little scared coming here by myself but I am really glad I did. Washington is not what I expected. They have HIGH tax (something I thought all the politicians would vote away from to keep themselves safe - it's 10% on all food). The area around the hotel is nice, I saw the French Embassy and some really nice apartment buildings. But walk the wrong direction and you get slums and bums on the street. The food at the Hilton is ridiculously expensive, a bowl of soup alone cost me $8, it was $5.97 plus $.60 tax and $1 tip. There is a "deli" here where a regular (not massively large) tuna sandwich is $10.50. :( It's absolutely insane. I need someone to split meals with ;)

It was a blast, but after the whole experience I think I am less inclined to stay in the world of Academia.

The End.
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Forever and a day [Mar. 3rd, 2007|07:59 am]
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |Birds outside :)]

So it's been forever since I updated this journal. I decided that it is time again to get back into writing here.

I have a killer religion midterm on Tuesday that I am trying to study for, so far to limited success. I am taking a break from that to write here...

We have a new kitten friend, Charlie. (*Nee Beauregard, adopted as he's Charles Xavier Darwin Newton) And he's a great friend, but sometimes he has accidents. Even with a mostly clean litter box he sometimes goes right outside it. Does anyone who has cats have a suggestion as to why he does this and what we can do about it? Other than that and the occasional wire chewing he's a great guy! Just the right mixture of playfulness and loving. :)

and...It's finally getting warmer!!!!

Oh, and thanks to Tom I am now hooked on ANTM. I know it's ironic since he (I think) stopped watching the show. But this season looks like it's going to be the same as the rest, catty and full of drama/stupid girls/fun. I still think they should do a girl and guy or all guy version. I personally vote for all guy hosted by Nigel, how awesome (hott) would that be?

And I know people still like Grey's but I find it getting a little boring and old. I still hate Christina, and I still think Meredith has too many problems, and I still think they need to develop a few characters more. They should do what they did on Lost, focus on one person and expand their story for a whole episode. I want to find out more about Callie and Dr. Bailey. I guess I feel like the show is just getting kind of boring...

This is the first time I am living by myself in a real (non-dorm) residence for more than a day. It's fun and a little scary at times. It was scary at night, and it has been hard cooking for just one person, but otherwise things are going well. It's actually neater now and I am focusing on keeping it that way. And I have been more productive. It's all good...but I miss Ryan.

So my friend Rachel will be graduating in Dec rather than May, and the school has found a whole new way to screw her over. With too many freshman coming (too many in the class of 2010 and too many expected in 2011, that's scary) they have decided that anyone in a 5th year CANNOT live on campus. We have a program called Take5 where you can take a year of schooling free (other than room and board) and take the classes you didn't have time for due to your major etc, and now those people, and people like Rachel who needed an extra semester due to other reasons beyond her control, have no place to go. Rachel wants to graduate now but again other things by the school wont let her! It's not like we have easy off campus housing that is within walking distance to the, it's a bus ride away or a car ride. Unless you want to live in the special places like the "ecohouse".

I thought the UR Screw was tightened as far as it could go, but I was wrong. Oh, and they still REQUIRE freshman and sophomores to live on campus. I don't understand.

And that's all on the Rochester front.
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Out of the Darkness Walk [Sep. 24th, 2006|09:46 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Like a Prayer; Madonna]

During Meliora Weekend (On Saturday Oct. 7th) there is a walk in the Genesee Valley Park to help the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. For all those at home in CT, there is also a walk in Westport on October 22nd in the Sherwood Island State Park.

I would like to walk in this, and I am looking for teammates to walk with me, or sponsors who would be interested in donating money for the cause.

If you are interested in either let me know:

Feel free to forward this information to anyone who you think might be interested.

The website for general information regarding the program is

Checks should be payable to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2006|12:46 pm]
My research survey is up and running. We are looking to get as many people as possible participate. If you are interested in helping with this study simply complete a brief online survey and earn the chance to win $25. The survey takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

Follow the link below to get to the survey:
Rating Noun Compounds Study

Your help is greatly appreciated.


EDIT: If you get the error "Can't Run from Here!" then try a different last name. If that doesn't work then just give up. I'll understand.
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Blue! [Jun. 21st, 2006|12:24 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Homeward Bound; Simon and Garfunkel]

I changed my earrings today for the first time!

I just changed them from diamond studs to blue crystal studs...but still, I did it!

It took a while getting the backs off of the ones they gave me, they were jammed on. But now it's all good.

: )
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What should I do with my life? [Jun. 18th, 2006|12:10 pm]
[mood |determineddetermined]
[music |Nights in White Satin; Moody Blues]

As many of you know I am currently in Oklahoma in an REU program, and it's halfway done!

This has been a great experience. I have met people from all over the country and got to really work an research. I have also been exposed to the world of psychology as opposed to Brain and Cognitive Science. I didn't realize there were so many branches of psych. I didn't realize how wide the options were but also how vital graduate school and not only that but a doctorate degree are. Several people I have met here got masters and that wasn't enough!

School psychology seems really neat. We had a talk with the school psychologist, and it seemed that the field is in demand. And it interested me. I like the idea of it, but I am worried that it was dolled up and isn't really as nice as he made it sound. I have emailed recent graduates of the OSU program and they all love it though. And a MA is enough to get work in the school system, you don't necessarily need a phD.

I don't really like IO psychology, but the idea of working with companies to optimize their strategies. It seems almost like advertising but instead of being optimal selling points it's optimal corporate strategies. And everyone says thats where the money is.

But a general clinical pschology degree is neat too. Do I want to work in a hospital or private practice? I don't know if I would like the idea that someones well-being is in my hands completely. We just listened to a speaker who works in blind veterans rehab, and that is a really big deal. Those people rely on him to learn to see!

And I still really like marketing. I did some research on that and I don't think I need a higher degree to start. Marketing research seems really fun and interesting. Right now this is my first choice.

Research and academia is ok too. I don't know if it will work for me, because I need structure and I like to have strict deadlines. That has been a problem here too. I get done what I need, but it has been hard to get other stuff done that doesn't have a deadline and doesn't really matter; like studying stats or for the GRE.

I am leaning towards marketing and the corporate world without graduate school right away. I just don't know what I want to focus on. I guess my best bet is to take the GRE's and then save the scores for 5 years in case I want to go back.

I hear that within the field psyD's are looked down on as the easy way out and MA or phD is the way to go. That just seems so specific and daunting.

What should I do with my life?!
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Let There Be Light! [Jun. 4th, 2006|12:13 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Funny music from the Thai restaurant still in my head]

So the transformer of the building next to our dorm caught fire which caused a black-out.....for just under 48 hours.

It was fun without lights. Cold showers were not fun. (Most people reading this have experienced cold showers for too long and know what I mean.)

But this morning at about 4:00 the clock came on! It was amazing!

You don't realize how much you need electricity until you try to do things. No internet, limited computer, no kitchen appliances, no TV, no hot water, after 9:00 no light. It was an experience.

This is officially the longest blackout I have been in.
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